Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Of The Funniest Shows Period.

I remember watching a show on ABC when I was a kid, and I remember it being one of the funniest shows.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? was then and is to this day one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. If you've never seen the show it's an improv comedy "game show" where the cast do little skits and whoever Drew (the host of the American version) likes the best get points but the points don't matter, he usually picks Wayne or one of the guests.
The whole cast was hilarious, but to me there were three that stood out, and the best thing is that they were the main cast Ryan, Colin, and Wayne. Ryan and Colin because of their chemistry they were just so funny, when they did greatest hits and made each other laugh the best I can watch that all day.
It's the best when they just crack up.
Wayne was not only funny but he was super talented he was a great dancer but by far he was the best singer on the show and to come up such witty lyrics on the spot it's just pure awesome.
Fun Fact: Wayne actually has two CD's released
But if you wanna laugh it doesn't get much better then the bloopers of the show

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


If your like me you enjoyed Resident Evil 4. Good characters, interesting plot, spooky setting, and playable game-play. It was one of my favorite games for the Game Cube. And one of the first games I was introduced to the quick time event just sitting there watching a cut-scene and then BAM! dead......okay, it was pretty cool and didn't really get on my nerves to much.
Bitch look out he's right behind you!
 Then there was Resident Evil 5 and if you like me, which most people aren't on this subject you enjoyed it. The plot didn't make any sense at all (at least to me), the setting well do we really need to talk about the setting,and then there were characters too, but the one thing that made it so much fun was the it was co op. It was so much fun to kill zombies with my brother. But the single player was ass your computer partner is just stupid just so stupid.
AI your just worthless

So when I heard they had the trailer to Resident Evil 6 link under here.

After watching it my first impression was damn maybe It's gonna be four player. Then my next thought was oh no this could be really really bad or good and looking back on the Resident Evil games it doesn't look like it will, be the ladder.
Here's Hoping

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Pixelated Screen What Would I Do Without You

Movies, video games, and T.V. shows have been a big part of my life and made a lasting impression on it. I'm making this Blog to share my opinion on them and hopefully introduce people to new shows, games or movies they haven't seen yet, and with YouTube being right at my fingertips it can be so much easier. Down below are some videos showing just how amazing the subjects are, let's watch.

The first video is of main characters just running. But tell me it doesn't bring back memories.

Remember that time on that one show...or was it that other one, anyway here's a video about some references of T.V. shows referencing T.V. shows.

The final one is just awe inspiring.

My reaction while watching it.